It’s not late till you realize how messed up your situation is
How every other guy is an asshole waiting to mess you up!
How every other friend is waiting to take advantage of you!
And here you are trying to stay calm and sane
Slowly fading into depression and darkness
Hoping and waiting for someone to bring in some light
And trying to be glee in front of your family
As they are screwed up just like you.

You wear this invisible mask to hide your inner self
From the cruelty of the world and fake people
To hide yourself and your heart
You become this cold sarcastic person
Who is afraid to share her feelings!
As she had been there and seen that,
That people are only for the benefits.

In the end, it all comes to your family
As they will stay and no matter what never leave you
They will accept us as we are
And if you have a friend who is a family to you,
You are very lucky indeed my friend
Lucky because you found everyone in a friend
Be it a sister, brother, ma, pa, or a buddy!


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