I know I am not perfect

But I am also not a loser 
I keep fixing them making myself defective
I get so much shit for being myself
Still I never show I get offended
But after all, I am human, a girl
I also need someone to look after me
And understand me just by seeing my eyes
I am old school,
I want someone to write letters to me literally.
Someone who will dance and sing to my songs
Someone who will get my references
Someone who will see into my soul not my body
Someone who wants to make love with me,
Not fuck me physically, emotionally and every way possible
Someone who will be not afraid to show love, care and respect me in front of others
I think it’s too much to ask in a guy
Why I always end up alone?
Why even after being a good human being I can’t find a guy to be with?
Why they all turn out to be fuckboys?
Why they are not into forever and only?
But I think I am not alone as I already have a greatest and most loyal companion with me => My DOG.

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