Lovesick Nerd

So, this is a story about a boy who is really messed up. You really need to pay attention to him as his minds changes a lot and he is uncertain about everything and everything.

His name is Neil. He is a shy, sweet and studious guy. He is a Math + Computers nerd. So, obviously he has no experience of Love + Romance. It’s a story of him discovering and finding new girlfriends and ultimately becoming a cynical choosing between them as he is a confused Brat.

So, the story begins when he falls in love with Div. He really loved her and so did she. They were the perfect for each other. They understood each other and were childhood friends. They were each other’s forever but fate had something else for them. After being in a 3 years relationship they had to call it quits as Div’s parents had another plan for her, they were finding the groom for her. So, they had to broke up and the other problem was it was a long distance Relationship. They loved each other but sometimes even love can’t save a relationship.

The story progressed as Neil started concentrating towards his studies. Through Facebook he found his old school’s crush GWEN. She was a free spirited girl and frank. They started talking from Facebook to whatsapp to call. He started liking her and later, he fell for her. But she was not into him. As she never felt a thing for him. She liked him but nothing more than that. He tried to convince her and express everything he felt for her. Gwen was really lucky to have him but the problem was she was a train wreck. She already experienced everything bad in her life and relationships were especially the ones which broke her down. She didn’t want to break NEIL’s heart but also she was not in love with him and he was too good and nice for her which she was not usually used to.
Things went intense and intimate between him and PART 2. He didn’t love her but was with her because PART 2 was psycho. One time, when he asked her for a breakup, she eat a whole lot of pills and ended up in hospital. Gwen told NEIL to dump her but he was too chivalrous to do that and scared to I guess. Now, things have reached at a point where PART 2 wants to get physical with him, to which NEIL had no answer. He does not have a clue about this thing and also he doesn’t want to.

And the one of the most screwed thing is that DIV PART 1 has returned in his life and if she asks him to get back in relationship. He will say yes, as he always loved her. First relationship is always the most memorable and iconic.

He’s always in touch with GWEN about everything and on this matter, GWEN told him, if you want PART1 go after her but please never go after PART 2 after Breakup. Because, life gets messy and you just can’t do that with people. You can’t love all of them at once and have them all at once.

The question is – Why is he so confused? I think he is in love with GWEN as he could almost share anything with her and even after being in relationship he talks to her and tells her about everything whether his relationships or gfs’. And the most important thing is, he is talking to both DIVs’ but they both don’t know about each other’s existence. Well, that is FUCKED UP.


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