Lessons to learn from life

1)         Never let anyone tell you or decide what’s good or bad for you

2)         Never let anyone make you question yourself.
3)         Love yourself, YOU is everything.
4)         Challenge yourself, don’t limit yourself.
5)         Never run from love, and always spend time with those who love you
6)         Money is important but not important then Family & Friends.
7)         Always Dream, be creative
8)         Never Stop trying, you may get failure but at least you are trying.
9)         DO what makes you happy not what will make others happy or will let others like or love you
10)You don’t need approval of someone to do what you truly desire or dreamt of.
11)Just follow your heart and sometimes mind because heart will let you do the right thing for others but mind will tell you what you should do for others and what you should do for yourself.
12)Discover places, food, and people and most importantly discover yourself. Try to know who you really are, what you really like, etc etc.
13)Remember people will hate you whether you are doing the right or not. They will hate you no matter what. So, never listen to them, listen to yourself and to those who really love you.
14)Never disrespect someone just because he is younger than you or you are higher than him. Never be over confident about what you have become or are at.
15)There will be times when you’ll question yourself and hate yourself and wish you weren’t born. This will pass, when you will realize your true worth and what you are capable of.
16)You don’t have to follow what others are doing, make your own path and be different. Because being different may be criticized but it’ll show that you’ll succeed no matter what.
17)Never ever feel bad or hate yourself for letting someone go from your life. Because you can’t make someone stay unless and until they want to.
18)Life’s a journey; you’ll meet hundreds and thousands of people with whom you can’t be friends with always. Just experience it and thank god for giving you so many friends and opportunities to meet them.
19)Be good to others, it’s the least you can do.
20)If someone is being mean or rude to you, do whatever you want but please don’t become like them. Be Yourself.

 21) Be a proud of who you are. From            wherever you are from. Never feel ashamed of your country, religion, caste or sexuality.

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