First Date fiasco Part 1

Mann Grew up to be a badass, funny and bold girl. She was always up for adventure and sport. She always used to say “Challenge yourself.Live life to the fullest.Be Yourself.”
She was always up to something. She loved games and dares. She did things which made her strong and happy.

She was always there for her friends, whether emotionally or financially. She did every possible thing for them.

The thing that she didn’t did was living, she was living for her friends. 
Which made her sad, unhappy from the inside. She started looking for options to help herself. So, she started doing cigarettes. She was not a daily consumer but occasional. 

So, one time she was with her friend GG for trying weed, and was later joined by 2 other friends of GG. She really enjoyed weed and had lots of fun. 
Then, her friend GG fixed her with his friend Jerk.

They were like okay let’s meet. He said he will take her to his house. She was like… Okay. 

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