Younger Child

Being a younger child is difficult as you have this massive responsibility of following everyone’s lead and do whatever they are saying. Yeah, younger children are spoil brats because They get so much attention and love from their elders. But at the same time, they also get so much shit and insults. They are always considered a child whether they are of 20 or of 40. They are naive and stupid as they haven’t seen the world as compared to the elders.

Like In my case, I pretend I know nothing, I am naive and idiot. Because if I try to tell my elders what’s right or wrong, they will backfire at me and say… don’t tell or teach me.

I know we are young and reckless and idiot but so is everyone. We are smart, we learn from you but sometimes we want to commit mistakes. Why? Because we are tired & frustrated by you giving us suggestions or leading us on. We are adults. let us learn. commit mistakes. Let us see the world from our prospective or our own eyes not your eyes for instance.

 And the thing which boggles my mind is when they make us remember all the things they ever did to us or for us, why? I know what you did but when you do the whole recap… Our egos come in the way, like if it was so hard then don’t do it please. If it was that difficult why you do it. Oh… To remember one day and show us down or drag us down. We also do things for you but no… that is our duty. We have to do it no matter what. What a hypocrisy?

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