Girl named Mann Part 3

Now, she is trying to understand herself. Why it only happens with her? Why she is always in trouble? 

She hated going to school earlier but now, she has to.
Her results were declared. She passed in all her subjects. 

Her Birthday came, everyone wished her.
The only day she wanted to go to school.
Her old friends wished and gifted her a card and chocolates. At home, her favorite food was made and everyone was nice to her for that day. It was the best day for her in the entire year.

She started opening up to her classmates after her birthday. She was happy and content again. She made really good Friends now.

Now, she was a different girl.
She was frank & satirical. Now she wasn’t oblivious to the world around her. She knew everything, everyone. She now knew what she wanted, needed or desired. She knew Herself.

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