Girl named Mann Part 2

She lost Herself in the crowds. She made her invisible, even to herself. She used to hide from the people she had known and tried to never cross paths with them again.

Then her half-yearly exams started, she started preparing for them. This time their were no friends in between to distract her or disturb her. During this time, she made some friends. They helped or talked to her. But still they were nothing serious. 

So, she had a Sanskrit Exam. She somehow bought in a cheat sheet and since she was not a bright cheater. She got caught. Bingo!
Another Shame she bought to her family – According to her siblings. She was vindicated as it was her 1st attempt and They said it better be her last attempt. She loathed herself even more now.

The thing which made it even worse was her Father’s Attitude towards her. He never really liked her. He always said foul things to her and insulted her and showed her down a lot. As she was “unwanted child” and a “girl”.

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