Girl named Mann Part 1

There was a Girl named Mann, 13 years old. She was the youngest in her family and unplanned as well. She was a dusky, lanky girl.
She was a very cheerful girl, only when she was around her friends and family, else she was a shy and obstinate one.
All she cared about was her FRIENDS. She loved them.

But then her 8th class report card showed, she got failed in MATHS. Even a retest in that subject didn’t save her.

She was full of embarrassment, thinking her friends will forget her and that she had to repeat 8th class again.

She went to school for her second innings, her teachers and fellow classmates would ask what happened, why she got failed, why? 
In classroom, she was the quietest and most well behaved girl. She kept her head down while talking, walking, and even when she used to sit on her bench. In school, she never attended the prayers, she used to hide in the bathrooms or make excuses that she was ill. She never went out of the class not even in the intervals, but when there was a games period or when school ended.

Everyday after coming from school, she would run to her mother, asking her to change her school, she can’t take it. 
She was ashamed of seeing her friends again. She was ashamed of what they will say. She was ashamed of herself.
She lost herself completely.

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