Life’s a climb

Life is full of ups and downs, actually most of the them are downs but I am trying to see the bright and +ve sides, really trying hard.

Lots of time I have been used or taken advantage of or even misunderstood or criticized for being me. But I move on, I make new friends like every week. Because my old friends seem to figure out a a way or ways to annoy me or take me for granted.

I actually get bored with people easily because I look for Adventure or sport in everything but People I am friends with are into being sad and complaining about how their life is miserable and not fair. 
Let me tell you, Life is not fair for anyone, everyone goes to same or different shit, It’s just that their experience and what they take out of those shit is different. 
Life is so much more than whining and throwing tantrums.You only got one life, live it to the fullest. Do things. Challenge Yourself. That’s why I hate cute or innocent people because they make it seem they are the one’s who are the most vulnerable, used, etc. Well, Fuck you.

It happens with everyone. You are just too dumb enough to let it happen with you like every day, week, month or year and Grow up.

So, All I am saying is “LIFE’S A CLIMB”
it’s a roller coaster ride, you can’t get off from, so, at least enjoy it. 

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