When I was a kid I was insane, innocent and most important oblivious to the world around me. My world revolved around my school and friends.

But as I have grown up, I have realized being oblivious is absolutely fine as long as you don’t destroy yourself because TRUST ME, “YOU IS IMPORTANT“.

If you cannot be happy with yourself, you cannot make anyone else happy. Because every time you’ll make someone happy, you’ll die inside and you’ll become shallow. Like in my case, I was in Depression. I still am in depression but the difference is I love myself now and I know what I want and I do things which I  genuinely want, well most of the times.

I left my friends because they were obstacles or should I say they were problematic ones.. They made me sick with their problems and a servant. In short, I was living for them. Because of them I was in Depression in the first place,

But, since they are no longer in my life. I actually got time f or myself, now I am loving my life and myself. Most importantly, I am appreciating, helping, and understanding my family.
 I know myself, which is helping me to become a good person then I ever was.

 Guys, There is nothing good then being good to others and doing good deeds for them.
Yeah, I want something in return but talking and helping others out without being a total control freak & pyshco is an awesome feeling.


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