Is Today’s Generation Mentally Weak?

Is Today’s Generation Mentally Weak?

The biggest issue today’s generation is facing is the ability to handle situations while overcoming the thought of Killing oneself. This may seem childish but today’s generation has a lot on their plate to oversee. They have been the target of relentless criticism, whether on social media, in their careers, or their personal lives. Their life itself is a movie waiting to be critiqued. 

So, the question remains, Is today’s generation Mentally Weak to handle their lives and the people around them? Keep in mind, the level of stress and anxiety has escalated like crazy today. 

  • People have been unemployed, which has caused them to doubt themselves and their talents.
  • The debt has made people go in but not out. One of the main reasons people commit suicide is this condition. Individuals borrow money to pay for their education, and when the time comes to find a job, they apply for jobs all day and all night, but the competition is so fierce that most people give up.

Fact: New Year’s Day is the holiday with the most suicide attempts, according to research that was published in The Journal of Emergency Medicine.

  • Social Media is a place for humiliation rather than praise. It’s a place to downgrade people and give them mental issues. Many people have called it toxic and have ended up their lives due to it.

Fact: Around the world, almost 800,000 people commit suicide every year or about one every 40 seconds.

  • Sometimes people get so engulfed in their personal lives that a slight change leads them to cross the bridge of death. Breakups, long-distance relationships, marriages and more lead them to dark places.
  • The inability to handle the stress that life is throwing at them. They are unable to manage and balance their professional, personal and financial lives. The anxiety and depression that comes along are impossible for them to bear.

Fact: For people ages 15 to 24 worldwide, suicide ranks as the second most common cause of death.

  • Societal pressure is another reason people are failing to live long life. The peer pressure to live as per the conformed standards of society – To get a job at a certain time, get married and have kids, own possessions and have a social standing and more are some of the reasons.

My Opinion: I believe in living life on my own terms by trying everything while happily embracing death as it comes my way. I don’t fear death, I just fear being in debt and leaving my family with it. 

Today’s generation isn’t weak but the level of things they have to fight for to get through has increased. Schools and educational institutions should instruct pupils on how to handle failures as well as how to achieve good academic standing. They ought to place a focus on fostering mental health and learning coping mechanisms in case such circumstances arise.

Do your best living now rather than waiting till you are retired to begin living. Wishing everyone a Happy and Safe New Year!

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