Technology: A Double-Edged Sword

Technology: A Double-Edged Sword

The world is constantly under the threat of war, whether we talk about nuclear or biological. The threat to world peace has always been at risk thanks to the many innovative ways technology has been used to disbalance everything we have known about the world. The possibilities for destruction and innovation open to mankind are enhanced by technology.

Consequently, the crucial question is how far technology has advanced in terms of what is good and terrible, simple and complex, light and heavy, and so on:

  • Six billion of the eight billion people on the planet would perish within the first year without access to an internet connection, contemporary refrigeration, water purification, fertilizer synthesis, transit logistics, energy, and communication infrastructure. The COVID-19 lockdown period is the finest illustration of this, during which Internet use was crucial to people’s lives all across the world.
  • In times of adversity, the things which are unthought of comes to life. During the pandemic, technology began to advance. With the use of IoT devices to collect patient data and monitor their condition remotely, telehealth technology has thrived.
  • The acceptance of VR in e-Commerce (virtual shopping), the rapid advancement of eLearning, and the testing of fully autonomous autos are all products of the current period of social distance.
  • Additionally, software and cloud-based solutions have been created to allow for employee collaboration and remote work. Modern smart technology is expanding thanks to the fourth industrial revolution, including AI, VR, machine learning, blockchain, the internet of things, 3D printing, etc. 
  • Technology will advance even more quickly as we go into the 5th Industrial Revolution, where people and robots will “dance together.” People will send enormous amounts of data quickly once 5G is available. That will make it possible to use technologies like real-time remote robotic surgery and other things.
  • As the social and economic worth of technology has come to be better appreciated, more and more human creativity has been focused towards it, including the necessary education, direct research and development activities, and commercial and governmental frameworks for supporting and administering it.

Fact: The world has changed:

  • In the Agrarian Age, Money came from nature.
  • In the Industrial Age, Money came from machines.
  • In the Digital Age, knowledge and information are the sources of riches.

The biggest question here is how far will the technology advance and to what extent. We have seen innovation in technology from being wired to being wireless to be as big as a room to being as soon as an insect. And yet, there is still a lot of space for invention.

However, the scope of technology only leads to holes in the reality of fabric and to the many things it revolves around like:

  • Loss of Culture: The advancement done by technology is keeping children and people away from their cultures, languages, art and more, rather they are leading towards more modern and trending things.
  • Less Jobs Availability: Technology has made things more machine-friendly with no scope for mistakes but perfection. And so, people have been losing jobs as soon as their machine replacement comes and at the same time, unable to get jobs easily.
  • Social Media Obsession: People have become more engulfed with the world of social media where they talk and show off themselves. 
  • Increasing Individualism: With the option to do whatever they want at their fingertips, people have become accustomed to being alone and enjoying privacy. The concept of living in a joint family or even being around dozens of people freaks them out.
  • Health issues: The more technology-friendly we are becoming, the more we are harming ourselves by sticking to it for hours. Reduced physical activities lead to numerous diseases like obesity, blood pressure, mental issues and more.
  • Prefer Virtual World over Real World: We have become so disappointed with the Real world and its harsh realities that we escape to the virtual world where we are satisfied and away from the truth. We are happy to post pictures, videos, and things about us online. 

Technology is a two-edged sword. We can choose to either utilize it sparingly or excessively.

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