Best Korean Dramas to Watch Now

Best Korean Dramas to Watch Now

As we age, we become more aware that love is about more than just romantic feelings; it also involves sacrifice, making compromises, being there for one another always, listening to what is unsaid, fighting for one another, and, most importantly, just being there for one another. An eternal commitment is a love (Saranghae). Also known as K-Dramas, Korean dramas effectively convey this. The portrayal of love and friendship there surpasses that of the whole global film industry.

K-Dramas have some things in common:

  • Food love.
  • Romance starts with a head pat, which leads to tieing shoelaces and hand-holding, leading to kissing and more (Piggyback rides, forehead kisses).
  • Jealously (Love Triangle).
  • Bus rides.
  • Difficult mother.
  • Rain and Umbrellas.
  • Ramyeon (Noodles).
  • Soft toys love ( especially Claw Machines)
  • A gift (locket with pendent mostly) given by the hero to his girlfriend.
  • The most cliched kdramas have rich and poor bias.
  • Childhood traumas.

Here are some of my favourite K-Dramas that I heartily urge everyone to watch and marvel at, just like I do:

  • Coffee Prince 

    Unaware that she was a tomgirl, an all-male coffee shop employs her as a male employee. Her employer starts to fall for her, which causes him to become suspicious about his own sexuality. It illustrates how people may make mistakes, be forgiven, and evolve by sharing the stories of real couples. In this Kdrama, several types of love are discussed along with a spectrum of emotions including pleasure, despair, and laughter.
  • Crash Landing on you

    This is a kdrama about a promise to love. Due to a paragliding accident, a South Korean heiress finds herself in North Korea. The main lead and second lead have perfectly portrayed how courage is required to love another person and the guts required to follow that road. How strong love is and how it can transcend any challenges. The supporting casts are funny to watch.
  • Goblin

    A story of a goblin waiting for his death at the hands of his bride. This drama is considered the best of all due to its impeccable casting and emotions. The comedy, romance, friendship and magic this kdrama shows are awesome. The narrative is original with its own plot turns, and the characters’ tales weave together to produce a lovely full circle. The bromance between Goblin and the Grim Reaper is just awesome. 
  • Strong Girl Bong-soon 

    This is an extremely romantic and enjoyable drama to watch. A girl with exceptional strength accepts to work as a video game CEO’s bodyguard in this narrative. The plot is packed with thrill, romance, and humour. The two main characters in the drama series are by far the greatest coupling since they look so wonderful together. Prepared for a squeal because this kdrama is so hilarious.
  • True Beauty 

    A victim of bullying who struggles with her appearance learns the benefits of cosmetics. She adopts a new persona at a new school, where everyone is awestruck by her beauty. A love triangle that demonstrates the value of accepting oneself. For no apparent reason, the female protagonist keeps falling at least five times in one episode.
  • Descendants of the Sun

    A South Korean Special Forces commander and a gorgeous doctor fall in love, but their jobs keep them on their toes. The chemistry between the first and the lead couple makes you fall in love with them. This Kdrama has the ideal balance of action, drama, humour, romance, and bromance. You are given relationship goals in both the first and second leads. 
  • The Flower of Evil

    A detective is happily married to a man with a hidden criminal past. You’ll be glued to your seats until the very end of this Korean drama, which combines mystery with romance. A play that demonstrates how someone’s entire life may be a lie and how society can affect one’s life. A cried while watching this drama.
  • Nevertheless 

    This Kdrama is a story of the millennials and how they perceive relationships in general. It is all about fast love and sexual relationships with no labels to define their relationship. The soundtracks are just as excellent as the actors, photography, and plot. With each scene, they create a different mood.
  • W Two Worlds

    A physician unexpectedly steps into her father’s comic book universe and things go awry. My first thought while watching this kdrama was, this is the best storyline ever. I adore the main character, Kang Chul (Lee Jong-suk), especially since the plot involves the crossing of the comic book and actual worlds. This drama is for you if you like to watch action-packed drama filled with mystery, fiction, and romance. 
  • Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha

    A dentist relocates to a coastal town where she meets a handyman who is kind, smart and a know-it-all. This is the kdrama on my list that helps me relax and calm. Why? Because it is about finding comfort over love. It is about how in the 30s we all become mature enough to understand our true feelings and desires. We all need drama like this right now because it is so uplifting, calming, and therapeutic.

Honourable Mentions: 

  • Doom at your service.
  • Vicenzo.
  • It’s okay not to be Okay.
  • What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?
  • Fight for my Way.
  • Suspicious Partner.
  • Something in the Rain.

What are your favourite Kdramas? Tell us in the comment section.

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