Is Falling in Love Too Often Bad?

Is Falling in Love Too Often Bad?

Everybody craves love and would go beyond their limit to make the people close to them happy and fulfilled. Love makes people do good as well as bad things with one’s moral compass shifting as per the demands of the people they love the most. Books, Movies, Songs and Poetry has always taught us that love is the most beautiful emotion one can feel. Nevertheless, some individuals have a very easy time falling in love, while others live their entire lives without falling in love with anybody but their family.

So, what makes some so easy to fall in love with than others? What makes them accept people easily enough to open their hearts, minds and bank accounts? So, I ask everyone: Is falling in love too often bad?

  • Emophilia is the term used to describe people who fall in love too quickly and easily. People may be more likely to establish unhealthy relationships as a result of missing important warning signs caused by this. Additionally, it makes an individual’s self susceptible to sudden change. This can also result in increased stress, changes in eating and sleep patterns, poor judgement, addiction to love, and other problems.
  • One of the reasons individuals fall in love is the capacity to rely on others to improve their self-esteem. They want someone in their lives to take the reins of their life and make them feel good about themselves.
  • You enjoy the adrenaline a relationship experiences during the honeymoon stage. Some people like to savour the giddy first few weeks of a relationship when everything is perfect. They like the unexpected emotional thrill they have with each touch and confession.
  • They are kind and open to people falling in love with them more often, which finally results in them being in a relationship.
  • The only way to recover from breakups is a rebound relationship. The only way to stay in the game and get closer to love is to fall in love.
  • Let’s not forget one thing, in a relationship, one person loves more than the other person. There is a famous quote which beautifully describes this situation, the power in a relationship lies with the one who cares less. And so, those who love too much frequently continue to engage in relationships that have little possibility of success.

Fact: A 4-month period is all that a crush lasts, but if you continue to be attracted to someone after that, it has evolved into love.

Note: The mind and body respond favourably to falling in love. But only when it’s healthy and within its limits.

I know we should make love, not war. But knowing when and where to stop before emotions get out of hand is a wise move. Unrequited or incomplete love will only make your lives suffer more physically, emotionally, financially and mentally.

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