Top English Phrases/Idioms to learn from TV Shows/Movies

Top English Phrases/Idioms to learn from TV Shows/Movies

Life is too brief to learn everything there is to know. We never pass up an opportunity to learn more because we believe that life is too short to do anything except live, love, learn, leap, and laugh. As a result, we are like RAM, waiting to process information as it is presented to us.

Therefore, today we will learn several often-used English phrases by people, TV shows, and movies that demand context and attention:

  • Smoking mirrors/ Smoke and mirrors: It describes the deception or enhancement of a situation’s reality using misleading or unrelated information. For eg: Harvey cheated and gave his girlfriend gifts that were smoking mirrors.
  • Pay the piper: It states that the person who pays for something has control over how it goes on. For eg: Jessica knew it was time to pay the piper when Louis sealed the deal.
  • Tail between legs: It denotes a sense of embarrassment or shame, especially after being defeated. For eg: Mike lost the battle and went home with his tail between his legs.
  • Walk all over you: It means to treat someone horribly. It also indicates easily defeating someone. For eg: After Donna lost the bet, she let Rachel walk all over her.
  • To strong-arm someone: It refers to using force or violence against someone. For eg: Katrina strong-armed Jessica to win the lawsuit.
  • Tooth and nail: It means to engage in intense battle or to execute a rigorous effort with all of one’s capabilities. For eg: Harvey battled tooth and nail to keep Mike out of prison.
  • Brick by brick: It implies taking things one step at a time. For eg: Mike’s excellent deeds impressed every member of the jury brick by brick.
  • Blood in the water: It refers to the display of seeming weakness or vulnerability by one side, mainly when this results in vulnerability or increased pressure to perform on the part of the weak party, and/or an increased expectation of success on the part of the other (s). For eg: Jessica left blood in the water in order to win.
  • Bit of a pickle: It implies being in a difficult condition; a complete mess: For eg: Robert’s mistrust of his partners put him in a pickle. 
  • An Olive branch: It means to do or say anything to demonstrate your desire to resolve a conflict with someone. For eg: Scottie used Harvey as an olive branch to end the fight with Nathan.
  • Close call: It denotes a narrow escape from danger or tragedy. For eg: Mike’s assistance to Kevin was a close call.
  • In the wake: It refers to something that occurs as a result of or as a result of something else. For eg: Donna’s helping others emerged in the wake of the Firm’s success.

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