How Important is the Product Expiry Date?

How Important is the Product Expiry Date?

The very fact that everything in this world has expiry dates makes us all vulnerable. Every living being on the earth has a limited time to enjoy and savour life. The same is the situation with foods, medicines, daily care products and other things alike. 

The final day that a consumable product is at its peak quality is known as the expiration date. An “expiry date” for food, medications and natural health products denotes the stability and shelf life of the product.

Why does the Expiry Date matter? 

  • The food’s microbiological, physical, and nutrient stability are all maintained up to the expiration date, which is also when the product loses all of its remaining shelf life. 
  • Eating food that has expired or that has passed its best-by date exposes your body to dangerous microorganisms that can result in food poisoning, nausea, diarrhoea, fever, vomiting, Stomach cramps and Chills.
  • After the “sell by” date has passed, you can still eat the food, but its quality (such as freshness, taste, and consistency) might not be as excellent as it was before that date.
  • There isn’t a standard procedure for establishing expiration dates. Instead, these dates are chosen by the producers and sellers of food. They might take a variety of things into account. They will consider the packaging of the particular dish as well as its qualities.
  • After the seal has been broken and the goods have been opened, the best-before or expiry date on the product (such as bread) should not be trusted. Therefore, there is no guarantee that a product will retain the same flavour, texture, or nutritional content once it has been opened.

Various names are used to categorise expiration dates:

  • A “Sell-by” date is particularly targeted at retailers and tells them when to rotate items off the shelf.
  • An item’s “Best if used by” date is a sign of quality (the food will not go “bad” after this date).
  • A “Use-by” date indicates the last day the maker suggests utilising the product, not for safety reasons but rather for quality.


  • It’s important to take the expiration date on food carefully because eating past its sell-by date can have negative effects on your health.
  • When a product has reached the end of its shelf life and is considered to be expired, it no longer serves any purpose. It may result in physical pain like stomach upset that may or may not be followed by vomiting, as well as acute irritability and infections.
  • It is without a doubt best to discard a product once its expiration date has gone. Food can still spoil even when refrigeration slows but does not stop bacterial development.

Additionally, it works well to persuade consumers to discard perfectly delicious food and buy more. Did you know that every year, the US discards 103 million tonnes (206 billion pounds) of perfectly delicious food? Only purchase goods that you want to use soon rather than holding onto them until they become harmful to your health.

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