Is Gun Violence Shown in Movies Bad for People?

Is Gun Violence Shown in Movies Bad for People?

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction is the universal rule for everything in life. It applies to all the things in life, whether working, eating, sleeping or whatnot, everything comes back stronger and bolder.

The world’s most heavily armed society is the United States. Despite making up only 4% of the global population, Americans own about 50% of the world’s firearms. The recent events in America (Gun killings in Schools) have made us wonder, Are guns really for safety? I understand that it’s our fundamental right to protect ourselves but it’s no more about that, is it? It is more about how a gun is being used as a toy to harm others.

Recently, Hollywood actors and directors came together to limit the use of guns in the movies. This made me think, is the use of guns in movies a bad influence on people? Since, people are motivated a lot by the movies whether we talk about romance, sports, lifestyle, wealth and more.

  • According to studies, the “weapons effect” causes viewers to become more aggressive just by looking at a gun.
  • Violence in movies and television shows, which frequently feature guns, can also promote hostility and make viewers indifferent to the suffering of others.
  • Weapons have a huge potential for harm in Hollywood, beyond the occasional horrible accident on the set. According to the most current case, Ator Alec Baldwin shot a cinematographer on October 21, 2021, using a prop gun.
  • Children are most vulnerable, so it is striking that throughout the years, the number of PG-13 movies featuring guns has increased.
  • Younger viewers frequently see “cool” movie characters and want to emulate their conduct. Whether we debate alcohol, drugs, smoking, and more.

Other factors include:

  • The violence scenario includes a substantial role of the media. Watching violence in the media may have an impact on a person who struggles with issues of anger and self-control.
  • Books can help someone who already plans to commit a crime. They use books for new ideas and encouragement.
  • Humans have entertained themselves with violence for an equivalent amount of time. Examples include the gladiatorial games, public executions and torture, many types of animal combat, gory fisticuffs, etc.
  • Children are no longer watched over when using technology to “babysit” them. When a child watches, plays or listens to these terrible things, they become desensitised.

Issues with gun violence:

  • They lead to suicides. Currently, the USA accounts for over two-thirds of all gun homicides.
  • Urban gang violence is to blame for a significant share of the deaths by a gunshot that still occurs. 
  • Rampage or mass shootings.

My opinion: 

Some people may have killed someone after witnessing it on television or in a movie. We have observed aggressive behaviours such as copycat bullying, fighting, eve-teasing, proposals, scams, and other things that occur in movies or TV shows. 

Does it, however, affect the total murder rate? It’s not at all clear, and such issues are really challenging to sort through. The murder rate is declining, even though it appears that movies have become more explicit over time.

Violence caused by guns is an effect, not a cause. There are not just guns but clubs, knives, chains, baseball bats, fists, and feet. Violence has always been used by humanity as a means of enslaving one another. Violence includes anything from vehicles to bombs to guns to bullying to racial conflict.

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