Countries with Hostile Neighbours Waiting to Attack

The chances of a conflict are as good as the next COVID-19 variation. The fact that we are surrounded by countries that are hostile to us is concerning. People’s lives are merely a game for a country like Russia, which believes that territory won by pouring people’s blood is worth it. The fight reveals the actual colours of the adversaries, including countries masquerading as allies who finally flee, finding support in desperate places, and more.

Chanakya, a great Indian realist thinker, devised a theory known as the Rajmandal theory, in which he outlines the relationships between states. According to this idea, your natural enemy is your neighbour, and your neighbour’s natural enemy is your friend, which is highly relevant in today’s international relations.

The nations listed below have hostile neighbouring countries poised to strike and seize control at any time:

India: The country, which is famed for its diverse cultures and inhabitants, is beset by foes. India shares land borders with China, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Myanmar, among others. 

China and Pakistan are adversaries that strive to infiltrate Indian territory on a regular basis. India has fought four wars with both China and Pakistan to date.

Israel: The only Jewish country in the world with the most powerful military forces. Israel shares land borders with Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and the Palestinian territories of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.  

Israel has been in on and off conflicts with Palestine. Since 1947, the Israeli–Palestinian conflict has been one of the world’s most lasting conflicts.

Taiwan: Taiwan, officially known as the Republic of China (ROC), is an island that has been affected by Japan, Korea, and China, but its democratic culture is mostly comparable to that of the West and the United Kingdom. The People’s Republic of China (PRC), Japan, and the Philippines all have marine boundaries with the island.

Both ROC and PRC continue to claim mainland China and the Taiwan Area as part of their respective territories on an official (constitutional) basis. In actuality, the PRC governs only Mainland China and has no jurisdiction over Taiwan, which it claims as part of its territory under the “One China Principle.” In the future, this might lead to a conflict.

South Korea: The country is recognised as the land of K-pop culture, and it is a huge tourist magnet. In the north, South Korea has a land border with North Korea and sea borders with China and Japan.

There is a possibility of war between South Korea and North Korea because of the disagreement over Korea’s separation, both parties claim to be the only legal government in the country. And, that’s why they share one of the world’s most highly fortified borders.

Turkey: It is one of the world’s few self-sufficient countries, with a unique blend of oriental and European influences. Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Greece, and Bulgaria are Turkey’s land neighbours.

Turkey has intervened militarily in Syria, Libya, and northern Iraq, and in a conflict with Greece and Cyprus over energy rights and maritime borders in the eastern Mediterranean, it has taken a more forceful stance. Relations with Armenia and Iran are also extremely strained. Turkey, on the other hand, supports Azerbaijan in a way that goes beyond brotherly affection.

Only the dead have seen the conclusion of the conflict, as Pluto so eloquently phrased it. Make love instead of war; it will heal and cure everything; if not, do what millennials do: GHOST them.

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