Why Do People Try Too Many Things at Once?

“Try Everything,” the popular song from Zootopia sung by Shakira, encapsulates life perfectly: To know what you want and be free of alternatives, you must first understand all of the possibilities by working on all of them. People, trying and failing are part of living.

This is something everyone does, people juggle through opportunities to find something worth their time, effort and energy. I guess, being a human entails all sorts of uncertainty with doubts about oneself and everything around. But one must recall, Dual-task performance is worse than single-task performance, according to research

Why People Try Everything:

  • The primary motivation is to find something they enjoy and would do for the rest of their life.
  • People try everything to at least succeed in one thing. They are just trying too hard and desperate for one shot at life.
  • We seek purpose in our lives and are always on the lookout for things that may assist us in this endeavour.
  • We live in a society where spending is encouraged, therefore we all work hard to earn enough money to do so.
  • We aim to achieve great success in anything.
  • We want to impress people with our accomplishments, so we work hard to earn the right to brag.
  • To push oneself out of one’s comfort zone in order to become a tough and strong individual.
  • We believe that quantity and quality are synonymous (for example: expensive things are better). As a result, we believe that accomplishing more will improve our lives.
  • We grow bored when we do nothing, therefore we keep doing something.
  • We get carried away with things like reading books and can’t put them down. 
  • Our friends are participating in activities and encouraging us to do the same. So we do, but not at the expense of other activities.

Remember: We won’t always be successful and the reasons are:

  • Not trying hard as brain concentration gets compromised.
  • Impatience is something that also makes a person quit.
  • Too much food on the plate leads to slacking off and distractions.
  • The fear of failure makes us quit and thus, tons of things mount up.
  • We don’t learn from our mistakes and just move on.
  • We are doing everything alone, without anyone’s help.

Multitasking has a negative impact on productivity and brain health.

What should be done:

  • Goal-setting
  • Identifying the resources we’ll need to succeed
  • Ignoring all non-essential annoyances

Note: To attain your everyday goals, practise meditation and mindfulness.

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