Does Faking Smile and Emotions Help?

There are times in life when we put on a superficial smile for the sake of our social life and people around us, allowing them not to see the sad, desperate and dead person we are inside. We are unhappy but at the same time, don’t want to die because we’re trying to make it through with the hope that everything will be okay in the end.

So, does faking a smile really work?

  • A fake smile can lead to a small bit of happiness.
  • Or it can backfire and lead you to a deeper ditch of depression with the thought that – Why can’t anyone see I am dying over here?

You might make yourself feel worse by smiling to repress angry sensations. We all do that when we need to be socially acceptable. As the old saying goes, if you smile, the world smiles back at you. Walking around with more people responding positively to you might result in more real smiles for you.

Stop Faking Thoughts:

Thoughts are a way of “faking” certain views about yourself and your life in order to make them more permanent. Some argue that individuals who repeat affirmations over and again are only misleading themselves and that they are unproductive or even harmful in the long run since they are deluded. Having an unreal belief is fine as long as it doesn’t boomerang to an extent where you are living in your own little world away from reality and truth.

Stop Hiding your True Personality:

Extroverts are happier than their introverted counterparts, according to research. However, we may actively behave extroverted in particular contexts to change these tendencies, and research backs this up.

When you wish to improve your mood with positivity, fake a smile thinking about a thought that is priceless to you, but never avoid dealing with your feelings or things that drive you mad. More misery will result from a forced smile for something you don’t desire. 

But all in all, Faking a smile might help you de-stress, lower your heart rate, decreased blood pressure and longer lifespan.

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