Why We Hate Confrontation?

We all hate being questioned to and about. We all dislike having deep conversations (confrontation) whether they are work-related, relationship-related or whatnot. The very thought of someone saying, ‘They want to talk’ or ‘We need to discuss something’ or ‘Tell me something’ or the questions about – Why, How, When, Where, What, Whose; scare us the most as we somewhat hate disclosures. 

So, why we all hate confrontations:

  • It is all about the history and past experiences that lead a person to be afraid of speaking up.
  • Fear of failure makes everyone scared, and as a result, one is afraid of rejection.
  • People are afraid of not being liked, therefore they don’t speak much.
  • When speaking with someone brighter and stronger than you, you are terrified of sounding silly, so you talk less.
  • Speaking well is not everyone’s forte and thus, they are adamant about avoiding airing their side of the story. 
  • Speaking through messages appears to be a more convenient alternative than talking over the phone because it is less intensive, the person cannot read your voice, and so on.
  • When you feel like you’ve done nothing wrong, the desire to justify yourself might seem needless.
  • You just don’t care enough some days to talk about stuff, feelings, and so on.
  • Even when you truly want to say something, the fear of people not understanding you, prevents you from doing so ever again.

Remember that fleeing isn’t always an option. The saddest thing is that no matter where you hide or how deftly you sidestep an issue, sometimes confrontation is the only way to fix a situation.

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