Fun Hacks and Tricks to Know

Life is full of surprises and experiences, and it’s the little things that count. We must be grateful for the things that allow us to cherish them through hacks and tricks.

Here are some of the most fun hacks and tricks to know if you want to live a little bit smoothly:

  • To download YouTube videos, simply add ‘ss’ to the URL after www and before YouTube. For eg:
  • To convert YouTube videos to GIFs, add the word ‘gif’ to the URL. For eg:
  • For lazy days, here are the shortcut keys for YouTube:
    K = Pause/play the video.
    J = Rewinds 10 seconds.
    I = Fast forwards 10 seconds.
    M = Mute the video.
  • Start your Youtube video at a particular time. For eg:
  • When you type “Do a barrel roll” into Google and hit “search,” your browser window will rotate 360 degrees.
  • Using a dry towel will help you dry your garments faster. Roll the towel into the garments. Squeeze out the extra water by picking it up and twisting it as tightly as possible. After draining the excess water, allow your clothing to dry completely on a hanger.
  • Chips can be used to start a fire because they contain fat, oil, and compounds found in potatoes (or others) that make them an ideal fire-starting material.
  • Keep your clothes buttons intact with a simple dab of transparent nail polish over the threads of the buttons.
  • If you’re going to put anything down for a while, say it out loud. (“I’ve placed my comb in the closet.”) This encourages your brain to develop a more accurate memory.
  • Toss a coin if you’re having problems making a decision. While you wait for the results, your mind begins to hope for the things it desires.
  • If you’re bringing a present to someone’s house and are scared you’ll forget it, keep your phone (or something else as important) with it.
  • Don’t accept criticism from someone from whom you wouldn’t want guidance.
  • Check your Mobile PhonewWhile house hunting, check to see whether you have mobile service. You wouldn’t want to live somewhere where you couldn’t make or receive phone calls.

These are a few of many tricks and hacks everyone must know. Try them now!

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