Why Mothers don’t fall sick even when everyone does?

Being a woman entails a great deal of responsibility, not only in the home but also in the workplace. The fact is that you must juggle everything while maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle.

A woman has various relationships with the world: she is a daughter, sister, wife, mother, and so on. They always try to help you, whether they are busy or focused on their work, which brings me to my topic. Why do women not become sick even when everyone else does? They are the most powerful force in the family, caring for their children even when everyone else is sick.

For instance, when my siblings and I were sick with a high fever, my mother took care of us without falling sick herself. So, what distinguishes her as the Iron Lady who drives diseases away:

  • When a woman becomes a mother, it’s her job to give the best to her children including trying hard to not fall sick and so it’s a luxury she cannot afford.
  • It all comes down to psychology. A mother constantly tells herself that if she becomes sick, her children would suffer and her home will crumble. She believes that becoming unwell will exacerbate her problems.
  • When you’re sick at work, you can take a sick day, but when you’re sick at home, you can’t, especially now that most families are nuclear, with only parents and their children living together.
  • Even if she takes a break from children when she is sick, the guilt of not being able to care for her children will never leave her.
  • When their children get sick, mothers are so preoccupied with caring for them that they don’t have time to get ill themselves.
  • They are always active, working, walking, eating well, and taking the appropriate precautions for their children and home to avoid being infected with germs and viruses.

Mothers are the most selfless individuals, loving us regardless of our flaws. So, mothers, it’s okay to get sick now and then and ask for help, take a break from work, and nap while ordering meals to be delivered to your house. 

But don’t forget Mothers, that you are also humans who require a small amount of time to recharge and be there for yourself. It is not only ‘your’ obligation to look after your children. Dear other family members, it is your combined responsibility to provide her with the relaxation she deserves, if not every day, at least once in a while. Allow her to be guiltless for a while when she can enjoy some alone time. Give her also one Sunday every month. It’s okay to relax when you can, and sometimes fall sick too, dear mothers.

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