Voice is the Key to Sexual Attraction

A well-groomed face and personality are crucial to making friends, but according to a recent study, dropping your voice can be more effective. 

According to the study, men and women use a lower-pitched voice to express sexual attraction. Voices can convey a lot of social and biological information, which can either turn people on or off. 

When speaking to a more attractive opposite-sex target, both men and women employ a lower-pitch voice and display a higher level of physiological arousal.

The phenomenon known as “Phonetic Convergence” may also induce changes in the way we speak when speaking to a love interest.

People that converse with one another tend to sound increasingly similar without even realising it. 

Men and Women: The Tone

Women speak in a sensual, breathy, and lower-pitched female voice. This demonstrates how the desire to convey a seductive/sexy female voice can conflict with the desire to seem more feminine by raising their voices’ pitch. 

When a woman naturally lowers her voice, it might be taken as an attempt to seem more attractive or alluring, and thus as a sign of yearning for love.

When speaking to their employers rather than their subordinates or peers, women’s voices seem more competent, but men’s voices sound more competent when chatting to their peers. When attempting to deceive another person, people also tend to elevate their vocal pitch. 

What’s the most attractive voice?

Female voices that reflect a smaller physical size—high-pitched, breathy voices with wide syllable spacing—are the most appealing to males, according to their research.

Females, on the other hand, prefer a low-pitched voice with narrow syllable spacing, which corresponds to greater body size. 

It may seem indescribable—that moment when you’re overcome by feelings of attraction for someone you’ve just met. It’s this sensation that drives people to say things like “When you know, you know,” “It was love at first sight,” and other clichés about love’s secret workings. 

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