Top 10 Businessmen in the World Who Make Headlines

Who runs the world? Businessmen who are billionaires and trillionaires. They are the driving power that could build a successful business and government even. 

The following are the world’s most powerful conglomerates, each of which can bring down Wall Street with a single tweet: 

Elon Musk – The co-founder of SpaceX and Tesla, has taken the internet by storm, from his satirical views on Twitter to the odd innovations that have come to fruition under his leadership. His tweets on Bitcoin and Shibu Inu dog are hilarious and crashes the market of cryptocurrencies. Although, these days his new target is Jeff Bezos, who he called a copycat and No.2.

Between September 2020 and August 2021, at least 340,957 publications regarding Elon Musk were published, according to the data. The Tesla Bot, a robot that imitates humans without the sci-fi fixation with robots overthrowing humans, has recently astonished the world.

Jeff Bezos – The Founder of Amazon and Blue Origin came in second with 142,862 web stories addressing the master of e-commerce during the last year. 

When he tweeted about investing in a start-up that aims to reverse ageing and find a cure for mortality, he made headlines. He aspires to defy death and achieve immortality. 

Bill Gates – The co-founder of Microsoft, came in third in terms of online activity over the past year. Although, it can be contributed to his divorce and affairs too.

Between 2020 and 2021, Gates was cited in 84,262 internet publications. 

Warren Buffett – A philanthropist and business entrepreneur who is the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, a conglomerate that owns 60 major corporations such as Dairy Queen and Duracell, among others. 

According to sources, 45,168 articles regarding Warren Buffett were published in the last year.

Mark Zuckerberg – The founder of Facebook and social media demigod (WhatsApp and Instagram) has caused an uproar with his security and privacy issues. Zuckerberg is a frequent visitor to the United States’ courts. 

At least 39,047 articles about the Facebook founder have been published in the last year. 

Richard Branson: With his Virgin Galactic voyage, he became the first billionaire to go on a space mission.

Richard Branson has been the subject of 37,144 stories in the digital ecosystem over the last year. 

Mukesh Ambani: He is Reliance Industries’ largest shareholder and Asia’s richest man. With the launch of Jio platforms, he is credited with kicking off India’s digital revolution, making India the world’s cheapest internet market and increasing internet access for the average Indian. 

In terms of article volume, Ambani received 27,683 hits between 2020 and 2021. 

Jack Dorsey – The founder of Twitter has made headlines for his efforts to combat misinformation through labels and outright bans. Twitter put up a great fight against US Former President Donald Trump, who is known for spreading false information, setting a precedent.

Between September 2020 and August 2021, there were 24,654 articles written about Dorsey. 

Jack Ma – The absence of Alibaba’s founder for three months caused quite a stir. People felt he was being targeted by Chinese Prime Minister Xi Jinping for his criticism of the leader.

China recently stopped Alibaba’s founder from launching the world’s largest Initial Public Offering (IPO) with Ant. 

With 14,723 articles published in the last year, it sparked controversy online. 

Sundar Pichai –  The tenth most talked-about entrepreneur is Google’s Indian-American CEO, Sundar Pichai. Pichai is recognised for establishing Google Chrome as the preferred internet browser and altering Google’s cloud-centric strategy. 

Pichai has been the subject of 10,838 publications in the last year. 

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