‘Dragon Man’ Species Discovered in China is our Closest Ancestors

Human discoveries have led to a fresh startling outcome that aids us in comprehending and acknowledging our forefathers and mothers.

A human skull dated back to 140,000 years has been found in China, which would help us comprehend human evolution. The new human species is named Dragon Man or Homo Logi, they take the place of Neanderthals as our closest ancestors.

Structure of the Skull?

An adult guy with a large brain, thick brow bridges, deep-set eyes, flat and delicate cheekbones and a bulbous nose wore the skull. The skull had been concealed for 85 years in an abandoned well before being discovered by a Chinese construction worker.

History of Humans?

300,000 years ago, nine human species inhabited the planet. But now only one species is left. 

  • Neanderthals – Europe
  • Denisovans – Asia 
  • Homo Erectus – Indonesia
  • Homo Rhodesiensis – Central Africa
  • Homo Naledi – South Africa
  • Homo luzonensis – Philippines 
  • Homo floresiensis (“Hobbits”) – Indonesia
  • Red Deer Cave People – China
  • Homo Sapiens – Africa. 

Human Evolution is the evolutionary process that led to the development of Homo sapiens as a separate species of the human family, which includes the big apes, in the history of primates. Humans and Monkey share the same ape ancestor, commonly known to us as Chimpanzees. 

Neanderthals were primitive humans that lived in Eurasia until around 430,000 years ago. They became extinct most likely due to:

  • Natural Catastrophe
  • Extreme climate change
  • Pathogens and Parasites
  • Inbreeding
  • Competitive Substitution 
  • Competitive Isolation

They’re merely a little different form of modern human, as evidenced by interbreeding, but the definition of species has progressed beyond interbreeding.

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