Indian Covid-19 Variant will be called DELTA, Here’s the Reason Why?

To stop global racism based on the variants of COVID-19 that has consumed the lives of the world, WHO has renamed the COVID-19 Variants born within different countries.

We know COVID-19 origin is linked with China, due to which Japanese, South Korean living abroad and even people living in India, who assemble the features of Asians are blamed for spreading COVID-19. The country virus variants have been renamed to stop the defamation of any nation.

Keeping this in mind, WHO has renamed the Indian Mutation Variant of SARS-COV-2, earlier called B.1.617.2, now to be called DELTA. This is an important step as now Media outlets will call the first variant to be found in India as ‘DELTA’, not as the Indian Variant Virus.

It is not just the Indian Variant that has been renamed after Greek Letters but other variants around the world have been renamed as well.

UK Variant (B.1.1.7) – ALPHA

South African Variant (B.1.351) – BETA

Brazil Variant (P.1) – GAMMA

Indian Variant (B.1.617.2) – DELTA

These variants are causing distress as they are spreading fast as they are the mutations. DELTA has the highest transmission rate but it doesn’t destroy much immune system as compared to BETA.

This step is crucial to stop history from repeating itself. We have diseases like Spanish Flu, Ebola Virus, Rift Valley Flue and more, named after the origin of the diseases from a region or country. 

The best way to stop India-Hate as the world is more vocal about the Indian Variant virus than Wuhan being the centre of the origin of the virus.

It is a wise step by WHO to keep a hold on increasing racism, including nationality with mutated variants definitely creates a negative image of any country. 

Also, in some way or the other, the citizens of that particular country living anywhere in the world faces its impact in form of racism. Since media has a great impact on common people, hence it becomes important that knowledge should be delivered in the right manner and nothing should be printed or said to target any country or its people directly or indirectly.

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