COVID 19 – A Bioweapon, As per the Leaked Documents

 Remember in 2019, when COVID 19 came into light and how the whole city of Wuhan, China was put into lockdowns. Seeing this, we were shocked but relieved that thank god that is not happening in India, which was short-lived. Soon the Virus knocked down our doors and now it has paralysed our health and medical infrastructure, making India the softest and simplest target.

Recently, The Australian published a paper which they obtained from US Officials, that states, China Miltary probed into weaponizing Corona Virus in 2015. The leaked documents contain the list of china’s top public health figures among the authors. 

The extract will be presented in the upcoming book on the origin of COVID 19 – ‘What Really Happened in Wuhan’.

As per the documents, the Chinese officials wanted to use COVID 19 as a biological weapon against its enemy by destroying its health system as an Act of War (Mass Destruction); which seeing the situation in India can be proved. 

The Authenticity of the Document?

The documents were verified by Robert Potter, a digital forensics specialist who has worked with the US, Australian and Canadian governments. 

He said, “We reached a high confidence conclusion that it was genuine. It’s not fake but it’s up to someone else to interpret how serious it is. It emerged in the last few years, they (China) will almost certainly try to remove it now it’s been covered.”

Worldwide and India:

Brazil’s Bolsonaro has indirectly blamed China for using COVID 19 as the bio-weapon. He said, only China’s GDP has grown since COVID 19 arrival with +2.3 per cent. 

The virus began with Wuhan and now it has spread across the globe. China is back to normal with a strong economy.

WHO on the other hand, said the leak from the Wuhan lab and seafood market in the city is extremely unlikely and thus, defied the theories of the origin of the COVID 19 virus.

To date, the world has reported 15.8 crores cases of COVID-19 with 9.4 crores recovered and 32.9 Lakhs deaths. India has reported 2.23 crores cases of COVID 19 with 1.83 crores and 2.42 lakhs deaths since 2020.

My Opinion:

I feel that something like COVID 19: Small, odourless, colourless which can be naturally distributed doesn’t fall from the sky. It must have been made, if not in the Wuhan Labs then where? Nobody knows how it was born after a human ate an animal they shouldn’t have. 

The fact that it can be used as a bioweapon to cripple any country scares me even more. A biological weapon is used deliberately against the enemy to kill its humans, animals, plants with bacteria, virus, fungi, etc. 

China is the only G20 country that has grown by 2.3 per cent after being struck with COVID 19.

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