Mother’s Day 2021: History and Significance of the Day

“Maa, the first word a child speaks after coming into the world”

Maa, Mother, Amma, Ammi, Mom, Mummy, Mama – One name in many words that show the value of a mother and how her love is unconditional and irrevocably. 

A mother never expects anything but the fact that you are well-fed, supported and happy. The greatness of a mother cannot be compared with the Gods as she is above them – She can create and at the same time, be so selfless, forgiving and nurturing that all you need is her wrinkled soft hards brushing your hair.

Today, May 9th is being celebrated as Mother’s Day in more than 40 countries in the world. Although, we don’t need a day to make something so precious feel special just today. 

A mother sacrifices her life and dreams for you and it is now our turn to show her how she has succeeded in bringing up an Independent Woman/Man. Don’t forget, we are getting older and so is our Maa, keep her happy, nurture and respect her.


The first celebration started in the United States with Anna Jarvis in the early 20th Century after her mother expressed a day must be dedicated to Mothers. Although, officially US President Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation in 1914 stating henceforth, the second of May will be celebrated as Mother’s Day to commemorate the efforts, sacrifices and love a mother showers on her children.


The place of a mother is above the gods and no one can fill that void. The significance of a mother is immeasurable and the love she bestows is non-refundable and unrequited.

On this Day:

People thank their mothers with flower bouquets, gifts and more. The day is considered a National Holiday all over the world.

This Mother’s day pledge to Stay Home and keep your loved ones safe. Help someone by staying home and following social distancing.

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