World Laughter Day: History and Power of Laughter

“We don’t laugh because we’re happy, we are happy because we laugh.”

In times of COVID-19, where the pain and sufferings have surrounded us, we should take a moment to laugh – The simplest and the most effective action for your body. Today is a day to remember to laugh every day in the face of Pandemic to spread some joy and happiness to people around us.

Laughter has been proved as the best medicine that doesn’t cost a thing with endless benefits:

  • Laughter is the perfect stress booster.
  • Laughter improves your immunity.
  • It maintains your face glow.
  • Laughter releases endorphins leaving us with feel-good emotions.
  • Laughter is the Protector of the Heart.
  • Laughing for 15 to 20 minutes a day lessens calories. 
  • Laughter is the enemy of Anger and works by diffusing it into nonexistence.
  • Laughter is essential for a happy long life.

History: World Laughter day is celebrated worldwide on 2nd May. It was started in Mumbai on January 11, 1998, by an Indian Dr Madan Kataria, who started the Laughter Yoga Movement to spread positivity and rekindle happiness across the world. It is a celebration of world peace and brotherhood through laughter.

More than 70 countries across the globe honour World Laughter Day on the first Sunday of May.

Significance: The sole importance of celebrating May 2nd as Laughter Day is to forget all your worries and take 15 minutes to laugh every day. This day is about promoting awareness about Laughter and the many healing benefits it possesses. Laughter is the cheapest medicine, which can mend even the hardest rocks and hearts.

Celebration: People celebrate the day by gathering in the parks and laughing their heart out through Laughter Yoga practices while some people conduct Peace marches. People also share jokes and watch comedy movies to commemorate the day. 

Live, Love and Laugh. Laugh is the core of living a content and disease-free life. Laughter adds wrinkles to your face while making your face glow the brightest in any room. It doesn’t matter whether you fake laughing or not, the objective is to gain from a simple thing like Laughter. 

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