COVID 19: Bollywood, Cricket and Politics

We cannot deny that COVID 19 cases are at their peak in India. Every day lakhs of new cases are recorded with more than thousands of deaths to add to the viral apocalypse India has been witnessing. 

India is a country famous for Cricket, Bollywood and Politics. All three enjoy control and dominate India are now under speculations.

Bollywood: People have been criticizing Celebrities Vacation pictures and questioning them about what are they doing for the country. India is under a lot of pressure with not enough hospital beds and insufficient oxygen, forget travelling to exotic places.

Celebrities are travelling places to relieve stress and enjoy the time they stayed home like all of us. They are vacationing and posting pictures on social media, which is really redundant. Many celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan Alia Bhatt, Aamir Khan, Ranbir Kapoor and more tested COVID 19 positive.

Cricket: No one is batting an eyelash against IPL 2021. It is a waste of Millions of dollars and despite the increasing danger in the country, the IPLs are going on smoothly. Although, some cricketers like R Ashwin, Liam Livingstone and Aussie’s AJ Tye, Adam Zampa and Kane Richardson have backed out from IPL due to the alarming rise in the COVID 19 cases in India.

IPL will carry on as it did in 2020. People being affected and dying is inconsequential to IPL, whose sole purpose is money.

Politics: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s grip on India seems to be getting loose after India witnessed huge spikes in COVID-19 Cases. People have been calling out PM Modi for the poor management against COVID-19, which has now resulted in India getting assistance from foreign countries like the US, UK, Ireland, France and more for oxygen supply. 

He was called out after his tweet on Kumbh Mela, where he said to symbolize the religious Kumbh Mela 2021. He has also been a quarry after Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha passed three Farm Bills, which resulted in Farmer’s Protest since 9th August 2020.  

Will any other leader in place of Narendra Modi have helped in controlling India’s situation? I don’t know and we won’t but one thing I am sure about is people are equally at fault. 

It is safe to say, Narendra Modi will face difficulty coming into power in the next Lok Sabha Elections. 

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