Leading IT Firms Assisting India’s Aerospace & Defence Sector

India is one of the top ten IT countries in the world, working together to put the planet and the cosmos closer through technology.

India has reached the moon, mars and now it is planning on going to Venus. All this is possible due to the technological advancements and promise India has shown thanks to the development and contribution from Science and IT departments. 

IT Industry plays an important role in building Communication satellites, spacecraft, space stations, support equipment and infrastructure that in return help in a country’s development.

So, I have listed down the top Indian IT Companies helping us evolve nationally, globally and beyond:

TATA Consultancy Services: It is India’s most-valued IT company, with a market capitalisation of Rs 11.51 trillion. It has been assisting the Aerospace vertical through its Engineering and Industrial Services Unit (EIS) since 1992. It provides services and solutions to the aviation industry along with other useful insights for the future.

Infosys: It is India’s second most-valued IT company, with a market capitalisation of Rs 5.68 trillion. The Infosys Aerospace and Defense practice accelerate time to recovery where they use AI-driven models and knowledge-based engineering systems.

Wipro: It is India’s third most-valued IT company, with a market capitalisation of Rs 2.60 trillion. Wipro Aerospace & Defence is continuously operating towards challenges like infrastructure management, shrinking budgets, rising operational cost, MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) and a complex global supply chain.

HCL Technologies: It is India’s fourth most-valued IT company, with a market capitalisation of around Rs 1.60 trillion. HCL Aerospace & Defence push towards eradicating waste through drive rapid change with DevOps, Autonomics (AI & Analytics), Generating new business models through IoT and innovation through the ecosystem.

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