Cricket only Men’s Game with Money and Fame

Society has evolved over the years by choosing humanity over religion and making the gender gap a thing of the past. But what if I told you, that this is still present in the world. Yeah, we observe it all around us and sometimes dread it.

Cricket is considered one of the most worshipped and celebrated sports in our country. A sport which gave us one of the best Sportsmen like Kapil Dev, Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli and more. All these are considered A+ Cricketers. 

So, let me tell you one interesting thing, A+ Grade cricketers are entitled to receive 7 crores as the fees while A Grade receives 5 Crores while B Grade receives 3 crores. This is really mind-blowing regarding how BCCI takes their training and well-being so seriously.

But BCCI doesn’t think the same when it comes to Indian women’s Cricket. For starters, there are no A+ Grade cricketers while A Grade Cricketers only receive 50 Lakh and B Grade receives 30 lakh. Is that partiality or discrimination or just because BCCI don’t earn enough from Women’s Cricket it decided to pay them not even half, not even the quarter of 5 crores.

They should be encouraging the Indian Women’s cricket team by being partial and just. They should provide equal opportunities with IPL, T20s and promotional events like Men Cricket gets. Women’s Cricket has evolved in the past few years with the Women’s World Cup but still, it has a long way to go and achieve as Men have accomplished!

Reasons are there – Like Indian Women’s Cricket doesn’t get sponsors, it has less audience and it is less glamourized and all this is due to the patriarchal system where men are considered better. If not, why do people watch Women’s Tennis and Badminton?

Yeah, money doesn’t matter but the more you push them, the more motivated they would be to become the best.

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