Are Female targeting Audiences Changing?

With government putting an end on Ad companies for false advertisements and portrayal, there are still many females who get deceived and manipulated easily by them. These directly and indirectly take a toll on them, especially the millennials who are the future of our country.

We are the Instagram generation who have this absurd craze in putting their best pictures on the internet for the likes and followers like the celebrities’ they are following – who have the perfect figure with the perfect skin, hair, clothes and whatnot. The females are blood thirsty and would kill to be one of the poster girls for which they are ready to gym, try green teas, ready to strip – you name it, and they are ready. They are just waiting for their posts/videos to get viral.

For e.g.: Take Priya Prakash Varrier, the Malayalam actress who was talk of the country and abroad for the wink and smile and whole eyebrow game. The whole nation was mad over her clips and over-night, her followers on Instagram crossed Million and now she is entering Bollywood. You all remember the great and funny incident when Rahul Gandhi in lok Sabha called himself Pappu and hugged PM Modi, and later winked at his colleagues. It is then when this craze crossed its sanity as media went to Priya Prakash Varrier to ask her how she feels about the wink Rahul Gandhi did in the Lok Sabha.

So, the question remains is Female Targeting audience changing, well not exactly. The advertisements have gone smart but they are still selling the same lame product. Take for e.g. fair and Lovely, which has been the market since 1975 and its strategy is still – there are 2 women – 1 is dark skinned and other is fair skinned, her secret is FAIR and LOVELY.

The female audience is getting shallow and dumb as they are so much star struck by the celebrities they see on the Television, movies, and social media and like sheep they are following them. We have become so shallow that we judge a product by its brand ambassador, the bigger star advertises it, the more we trust it. Which has now become a part of disbelief as now people have realised that the celebrities do the ads just for the money not as the responsibility they have towards their fans or viewers.

But somewhere these stereotypes have also been shattered, as people have now gone Ayurvedic and believe in products which are natural. But, they are still deceived in the name of Ayurvedic Products.

India, always have this insane obsession with the fair skin, the other were not welcomed or seen as the incompetence on the behalf of the girl as who will marry her. But this Stereotype – has been shattered and slowly fading away as people now want an educated girl. And somehow these ads show us that, despite not being the most beautiful, you can be whatever you want.

We also have these Strong role models who every now and then show us the mirror that no matter how much make up you put on, the right person will love the real you, the one without the makeup.

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