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From living together in a joint family to living in a nuclear family to living alone; everything changed. From loving the people round to being selfish and cold, we all grew up. So, in a place where we all are running after or away from something or someone we are in desperate need of a robot who can understand our emotions and console us all like a human being.

So, ladies and gentlemen, we are lucky to be in an era where scientists are doing magic with science and innovating things which are beyond our wildest dreams and where the limit is only our thoughts. So, they have developed a technology called “BLUE EYE”. Blue stands for Bluetooth, which enables reliable wireless communication & Eyes because the eye moment enables us to obtain a lot of interesting and important information. 

This tech aims at creating a robot which possesses abilities like humans as it can understand your emotions, can calculate your feelings and work on ways to help you. It is basically a human being dressed in a metal or iron suite to elevate us from the worries and stress we go through as well giving us the sense of belongingness.

This technology was researched since 1997, now it’s a reality. Many Hollywood movies like (I, Robot) (AI) (Terminator) (2001: Space Odyssey) and our very own (Robot), (Ra.One) have shown the possibilities of what will happen if a Robot has the emotional and mental gifts.

Pods cars, pong robots, iPad,and smartphone is blue eyes enabled devices. The tech like this will be a boon for all of us but at the same time a curse. It will make humans happy as expressive but at the same time lazy and not be needing another human. Humans might not want to be with another person as the robot will do everything for them and be.

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