Time, Dream & Love !

I don’t know what’s happening? I am going for it. Doing every possible thing but still cannot reach it.
Time is really a tough thing to tamper with. Time makes us want to stop and don’t do anything. Why we really did grow up? Why we need to opt for a career? Why we need to leave so many people in order to become something we always wanted? Why one cannot have everything at once? Why we are always running or in short, not happy with our current place?
Seeing other lives we feel jealous and want to be at their place? Why we do so much mental torture to ourselves? Why we are always looking for a holdup, why we cannot be alone but always wanting someone to tag along with? We don’t mind living alone but being lonely is all we don’t want to?
Why we look for a place to belong to? Why we are sometimes so focused that we don’t appreciate people around? Why like everyone we are following the herd when we can be the shepherd? Controlling ourselves rather being controlled by others or by the situation we are in.
 We always look for someone to put a blame on. Why we don’t accept our shortcomings or our weakness? Maybe, deep down we know, we are not that useless. Maybe we know every person is full of flaws and so are we. Maybe blaming others gives us a strength or confidence within. Maybe we are used to playing the victim and love being the vulnerable and soft slow innocent victim.
Maybe while writing this, I am filled with the frustration of being rejected every time and are used to watch people around me come and go. Maybe I am being cynical in the morning or just being Realist?
Or we are just so focused on going somewhere that we forgot to live the moment, enjoy life like we did when we were young. Or we are really taken over by this evil power, who possesses every dreamer. A power, who won’t stop until it gets what it wants against all odds i.e. with the loss of life, love, relationship, family, anything.
We have become slaves to the time and to our dreams. They are no stopping to where we are going. It’s just an on-going road with bumps but no stops. The day we stop is the day we’ll lose everything we have ever dreamt of or worked for.

So, we need to work smart i.e. doing what’s important so we don’t forget ourselves and the people who we love. Living for the people is always helpful but not at the stake of losing yourself. It works together and that what Time teaches us, Don’t be lazy but sometimes it’s good to be slow and appreciate your surroundings and most importantly, always have a plan.

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