Career, Parents and Us.

Ever since we were born, our parents had a dream for us. To see us prosper and at a place where we are happy and successful. A place where we don’t have to face failures and selfish world like they did. A place where their sons and daughters shine the brightest.
With time, we started growing up, giving our parents the taste of our dreams. Making them panic and at the same time, wonder all the possibilities their child will hold in the future. More than their child, parents were excited to unfold the future. They started working day and night to achieve every aspect of their child’s dream job. The mother, who could not live without her son, allowed him to pursue his dreams abroad. The father, who always wanted to protect and be there for his daughter, happily gave up.
We as children, had this vision to make a comfortable life for our parents, to show them the world, to crowd them with gifts and servants and be something of which they would be proud of and could brag of. Be something that many suitors would line up to marry us, giving us the dowry. Be so more than just a pretty face and girl who whether work or not doesn’t matter.

As life went on, we realized it’s easier said than done. We had this huge pressure to show the world especially our parents. It was our obligation towards our parents to prove them that we are worth the spending and possess the potential to attain what we talked about ever since we were kids. We will go through hundreds of failures and experiences before we can even get a Headstart or Jumpstart. As the stepping stone of our career will decide what’s imminent.

But in the aspect of getting name & fame, we forgot Success comes at a great deal of hard work, Dedication, sleepless nights and above all, loss of personal life and temporary people. It’s shown so subtly in movies & novels but in real life, there is always something missing that requires an extra push or pull.

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