Man’s Best Friend No More

We live in an era where people repel each other personally, they are more into being socially active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter than being socially active in society or community. Human very often comes across another human who makes them less weird in the crazy world we live in. But then, something always comes in between leaving us with little faith in people.

And at that time, comes our sweet little 4-legged fella who considers us gods. Will do anything for us, whose morning and night starts and ends with us. Who gives us all the love, care, affection and saliva he/she’s got. Yes, I am talking about Man’s Best Friend Dog. For me, Dog is the purest, selfless and faithful being on this earth who lives only for us, who gives us a sense of relief, belongingness, and love.

All over the world, people cherish and adore Dogs. There are even people who have more than 5 dogs to themselves. So, when I hear dogs are being killed and slaughtered in Kerala. I really feel bad and get furious. I know the number of dog bites in Kerala is around 53,000 and have killed 5 people till date. But killing them isn’t the only way. In that case, Rape crimes have also gone up, why don’t we kill the rapists too? There are law and order for doing anything.

The other thing which had made my blood boil is: People are sterilizing them. They are making it almost impossible for them to reproduce further, which is according to me a sinful act. They being voiceless and unaware, cannot ask or fight for their rights and justice. The reason behind this is their increase in population and unavailability of home for them. People are adopting them but sterilizing them isn’t the only way.

They should be given a shelter home, a place all to themselves. Where they can eat, run, play and be as original & mad as they can be. Humans are also huge in population, our resources are less than our needs. But we are surviving. So, will Dogs. You cannot just go on and stop their coming generations. Kerala is really facing tough times with Dogs issues but you cannot kill every dog you find. Cage them or punish them but no murder, please. 

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