Fiction Reality : Is Life full of drama and fiction?

Why are we so mesmerized by the love and friendships we see in the movies? Why we keep visiting our fantasy land where everything we do has a positive and appealing reaction. Why do we keep ourselves busy in the fiction world of books and novels? 
Because we are so in love with the idea of love. We see and hear things that are beyond our reach and are so imaginary and do not resemble any living soul out there because we think love is so cool and dreamy but when we see it coming close we chicken out.
We have this place in our mind, which we keep on visiting in pursuit of peace and ‘ME’ time. A place where we can be anything and everything we want. A place with limitless opportunities and possibilities.
We have this tendency called the reflex action, it’s an ability to find the negatives in others or behave in a certain way to safeguard ourselves. We keep ourselves busy with the movies and novels because we want to stay inside our protective bubble away from people and sometimes ourselves too.
‘Time spend with oneself is never wasted’

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