Every Other Family

Once upon a time, in a family of 5, a little princess was born. Her parents thought it was an HE, but they gave up to the fate. Time passed the girl started growing up. When she was 10, a tenant asked the parents to keep her and raise her as her own. The parents agreed but the mother feared, when the girl will grow up, she’ll come and fight with her on why she gave her up and so on. So, the mother refused. As the girl was blooming into puberty and adulthood, her mother used to tell her how much wanted to succumb as she had other 3 children to look after but she didn’t. As a mother, she just cannot give her to anybody. In the story, the girl used to respond by saying, you should have, at least I’ll have only one sibling to endure. But the girl knew deep down that she loves this madhouse no matter what it has in the stores.

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