Passive Smokers

We live in a world where people will criticize others for something they don’t like but everything is fine as long as it comes to them; whether be it drinking, smoking or littering in public, etc.

One of those is SMOKING. ‘SMOKING IS INJURIOUS TO HEALTH. IT CAUSES CANCER’ – Statutory Warning before starting of any movie, that’s government warning us, even on the pack of cigarettes, it is mentioned. But since when anyone started taking concerns like Smoking seriously as over 11% deaths are caused by it. India is among top 4 countries i.e. China, Russia, Indonesia and alone India has 11·2 per cent of the world’s total smokers.

Smoking affects our health, starting from deteriorating your Lungs resulting in lung cancer, heart diseases, and respiratory problems. Other are a poor vision, premature aging, loss of appetite and much more.

Of all the people I have met, most of them are chain-smokers; they smoke 7-10 cigs/day. However, they don’t smoke cigarettes, the cigarettes smoke them & they have on them the aura or I might be so bold, the smell of cigarettes, which is really not attractive. Even deodorants don’t work on them.

The biggest problem is, being around them will affect our health too. We are indirectly inhaling the smoke making us Passive Smokers. The smoke enters our body making us exposed to all the above-mentioned possibilities.

But why people smoke? Well, they have anxiety issues or stress as if normal people don’t have them. This habit won’t go away, as they are addicted to it and they will infect everyone they go around or meet.

What we as a Passive Smokers can do is? Since you cannot change your friends, try telling them to smoke not in front of you. Try to help them by giving them words of wisdom, which I doubt will help. And most importantly, stay healthy, eat lots of vegetables and fruits.


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