A girl who speaks her mind and heart is off limits to anyone.
“Love is hard to find
people say love will find you

but its not that simple
is it?”
I am not one of those people who will wait around and let love find me.
I am girl who will try and try till I find someone, But now it’s getting out of hand.
I mean, I meet new people, I go out with them but they turn out to be fuckboys and players.
I think the fault is mine only, I am a bold girl who only wants to date,
 not fall in love. I was not into serious relationship but now times have changed.

I am tired of playing around with every guy I find Attractive.
I am tired of putting my tongue in everyone’s mouth or being touched by them.
I am tired of players and fuckboys.

I want someone serious romantic and who will accept me for who I am,
Someone who is really interested in knowing the real me not someone who is only interested in getting into my pants.
 I am open minded and cool about everything, that people assume I am okay with anything or I am experienced or they can do anything with me.
 I always get so much shit for being the way I am; that I am been in depression for a long time.

 I hate my self for being this way sometimes. I am tired …

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