Today, I am going to discuss SEX.

                                                                           YES, SEX.

                                     It’s a very big word for our society, people don’t use it.
                                      They are ashamed of it and yet they do it privately 😉

Everyone looks at people who have done sex in a way different way. SEX is need of the hour. It’s a necessity. It’s a requirement like food, shelter, clothes. SEX is not a bad word neither it’s bad to do it before marriage. Everyone has their priorities and things they want to experience and if they are cool with being sexually active, it’s a good thing. They are happy with their sexuality, they know what they want or desire.

P.S. SEX is really great for Health.😂

One’s views on SEX says a lot about a person, about what he thinks personally and what the society makes him think socially. Their are two sides to every story. One which is socially acceptable and one which is socially criticized because people are too naive to come forward and accept and give their opinions or raise their voices for.

Sex according to
me is a good thing. If you talk about it normally that shows how mature and cool adult you are.

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