Stages of Friendship in Life 101: The Essential Guide

Stages of Friendship in Life 101: The Essential Guide

When you’re busy making other plans, life happens. All in all, life treats us like puppets, and it is our role to demonstrate and continue to perform. Some roles, on the other hand, make us want to stop living for days by zoning everyone out of our lives. But the truth is that avoiding people and problems may seem acceptable at the time, but it just serves to postpone sorrow and misery in the long term.

Friendship is one of those relationships that only becomes weirder and crazier over time. Every friendship passes through the stages listed below, and please let me know if you’ve been through them:

  • Stage 1 – Jai Veeru (Harry-Ron) Buddies: This is the stage where friends will go to great lengths to help their valued buddies. They share everything: food, drink, sleep, fun, and travel together. The idea of being separate from each other is alien to them.
  • Stage 2 – Long-Distance Buddies: Life gets in the way of all the fun and love, and they have to diverge and begin living separately. They grow accustomed to the reality that their friend lives far away and begin to rely on the stories and memories they have shared.
  • Stage 3 – More friends Join Them: As time passes, they begin to befriend others, including boyfriends/girlfriends, in order to help them love themselves and cope with loneliness. With the feeling that their best buddy is going on, so should I, the distance between the two best friends widens.
  • Stage 4 – Family over Friends: Friendships are vital, but they are also temporary, and it is all about a stage in life. We all recognize the value of family and the fact that they require our attention more than our friends.
  • Stage 5 – The Reunion: Despite them being lost in translation they somehow come together to rekindle their friendship. They reassemble and it appears as if nothing has changed, yet everything has. They’ve matured as a person and are now on the point of refusing to settle. They get on each other’s nerves, so they start making a list of reasons why they shouldn’t get too engaged in their friendship.
  • Stage 6 – The Future: They hash out their squabbles, but the responsibility of becoming someone’s life partner eventually sets in. When one of your friends marries, you’ll notice that she spends all of her time with her husband instead of talking. Her time is now entirely dedicated to her new family and spouse, and she is accompanied by her husband wherever she goes. Marriage is a significant deal, and it takes a lot of effort to show your new family that you are made of all things nice and good.

And this way, yet another great friendship perishes at the hands of the inevitable. The best friends obviously get together, but it’s no longer the same because the married friend is preoccupied with her job, in-laws, and home. As a result, friendship fades and marriage triumphs over friendship once more. 

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