To India with Love, From Berlin

To India with Love, From Berlin

The distance makes the person grow fonder; this is indeed true. I am currently living in Berlin and in a day dozens of thoughts that pass through my head are about my country India. Why? Because I have lived 26 finest years of my life there, I cannot ditch the feeling and experience I gained from there. Plus, coming to a totally different country which has its own sets of traditions, cultures, customs and weather makes all the difference.

When someone asks me about India, I tell them: It’s a beautiful, loud, colourful and chaotic country. A country filled with cultures, traditions and festivals. We fight a lot but it’s all in love. I tell them Indians have been white-washed to an extent where we prioritize English more than our mother tongue. This really bugs me, because, here in Berlin, there is no need for English, either you speak Deutsch or you don’t. So, when a person like me who has spent her life learning English suddenly has to shift to Deutsch as her new language, then only bad decisions emerge.

When it comes to Job search, I got my work cut out for me. The jobs applied as per one’s skills and qualifications are cut in half due to the requirement of Sehr gute Deutsch (very good German). The only good thing here about applying for jobs is that they do revert with Leider (unfortunately) emails.

Here, Rain dominates the weather. It rains all day with frequent appearances from the sun every now and then. So, it’s difficult for me to get used to it as in India, whenever it rains, I know it’s time to take some rest and enjoy it with Tea and Pakoras (Fritters). Rain isn’t the only issue, In the winter, you wake up and go to bed in the dark. In the summer, you awaken and go to bed with the sun.

One thing I noticed about this place is that saying Hello to people as they walk by and smiling at them is a polite approach to looking welcoming and kind. It feels good too.

Three things people here in Berlin know about India:

  • Bollywood: The first name they say when they hear Bollywood is Shah Rukh Khan and this genuinely fills me with pride.
  • Indian Food: They love the non-veg foods Indian restaurants here have to offer.
  • Yoga: A easier means to strengthen their mental and physical health.

I may get used to Berlin and Deutsch language but making this country my own is not my end goal. I always will be a proud Indian, love and laugh at everything about it.

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