Why Binge-Watching is so Popular?

Why Binge-Watching is so Popular?

We all are living in a world with endless possibilities with zillion tv shows and movies to binge on to kill our boredom. The area of our brains responsible for “reward” functions is activated when binge-watching, producing dopamine and giving us a good feeling. This is true of gambling and other behavioural addictions as well. But as we gain a certain level of tolerance, our brains eventually produce less dopamine from the same amount of activity. 

It only makes sense to understand why binge-watching is so popular and why we love it so much:

  • Reel-like becomes Real: TV shows and movies seem so intensely real. It’s as if we are experiencing all of their joys and sorrows along with them when we start binge-watching a TV show, so it’s crucial to watch well-made shows because they affect us in more ways than we might realise.
  • Opportunity to block the world: The time spent on binging acts as an opportunity to escape the world for some time into our own fantasyland away from people, work and expectations. You can relieve both short-term and long-term stress by binge-watching.
  • Time-saving: You can save all the time you would have spent watching TV because the vast majority of the broadcast time is taken up by advertisements. Thus, binge-watching and switching to a different method of distribution do in fact save you time.
  • Unlimited Subscription Watch: A typical movie can be expensive if you choose to go out with family or friends, but you can choose a better alternative at home for less money. Spend money on subscriptions and gather with friends to watch your show. Being careful with money is a good quality for binge-watchers. With just a single subscription, you can access any episode. 

According to a study, loneliness, boredom, and the desire to be entertained were the three most common reasons for binge-watching, but these reasons could easily result in extended sessions of lying on the couch with a blanket over you, clicking “yes” when the “are you sure you want to keep watching?” screen appears.

Keep in mind that binge-watching causes weight gain, isolating behaviour, addiction, disruption of sleep cycles, and induces stress, anxiety, and depression.

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