Why Negative Thoughts are so common?

There are so many wonderful things in life and the world and yet, we always concentrate or our mind wanders off to the bad and negative things. This is something which we all have hated ourselves from time to time. It bugs us as well, why we are incapable of harnessing positive thoughts instead of negative thoughts. Well, I have just the answer for you.

Negative thoughts occupy our minds whether we are strolling down the street, working, chatting to someone, going to sleep and more. This is due to:

  • Cortisol is a hormone in your brain that causes negative thoughts to flow more readily. Cortisol is adored by the brain, which acts as an alarm system.
  • So, we are hardwired for negativity, making us our own worst adversaries. This is because negative occurrences have a stronger influence on our brains than positive ones.
  • This is referred to as the negative bias (also known as the negativity bias), and it can have a significant impact on your behaviour, judgments, and even relationships. 
  • It is unavoidable that we will think negatively because we are surrounded by it as a society, particularly through social media that conquers our day to day attention.
  • It is the “terrible things” that catch our eye, linger in our thoughts, and, in many cases, affect our judgments.
  • According to evolutionary theory, this tendency to focus on the negative rather than the positive is merely one way the brain tries to keep us safe.
  • Since negative information increases activity in a major information processing brain area, bad news, events, and knowledge tend to impact our behaviours and attitudes more powerfully.

Remember that this instinct to exaggerate the negative might influence people’s decisions and the risks they are ready to accept. 

We must learn to challenge our cognitive distortions and negative ideas, questioning their authenticity and reliability. Positive thoughts are more difficult as they demand extra effort. You must create new patterns and methods of thinking.

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