Why Are Dogs Vital in Everyone’s Life?

A dog is the only being in the world that loves you more than she loves herself. This is true to the degree that people may come and leave when you aid them, but if you feed a dog, she will come to visit you every day and will follow you about no matter what, even if you say or reject her numerous times. 

This is the basic difference between Dogs and Humans. Their love is unconditional and they don’t look for ways to save their own ass, instead, they do everything to save their humans. They will adore and play with you like if you were a kid, they will follow you and quarrel with you at times, but they will never abandon you. They want you to be around all the time; we’re like Wi-Fi to their phones, and vice versa. 

Why having a dog in one’s life is necessary:

  • They teach you the importance of time management, they are your personal alarm clock. Once you have taken them for a walk at 5:30 in the morning, they are gonna make sure you wake by 5:30 or else you are gonna wake up with an unpleasant surprise. Mind you, they did warn you by circling around your bed like a demon who loves you.
  • They make you responsible: It’s a piece of cake to take or neglect responsibilities for ourselves but when it comes to dogs, you gotta woman up. You got to make sure you have lined up everything for your dog: Walk, Food, Play Time, Shower, Brushing and Vet visits. These teach one sense of responsibility and most importantly, how to keep one living being alive, healthy and adorable.
  • They make you cost-efficient: Owning a dog is not a walk in the park. They require healthy food, proper living places, toys and more for a good lifestyle. They make you a good spender who keeps costs and prices in check.
  • Stress, Depression and anxiety buster, make you a healthier person: The way they cave into our unbreakable shield says a ton. The more time spent with the dog, the more as per research resulted in decreased heart rates, blood pressure and anxiety levels. There is some evidence that simply watching footage of dogs might help people feel less depressed, stressed and anxious. That explains why so many of us seek solace in cute dog (and cat) videos.
  • They teach us affection and love: Dogs teach us to care and cater to the needs and desires of even the smallest of creatures. We shower them with kisses and hugs, making us more affectionate openly to others’ love. They teach us love is the best thing in the world and putting yourself out, will in one way or another, guarantees love in return.
  • They keep us away from Loneliness: The people who say, don’t spend much time with a dog and it will create separation anxiety. But what they don’t know is, that it is me who has separation anxiety and can’t live without knowing where he (OM) is. And always looking out for him to be around me. He drives away my loneliness and thus, being with him is all I require.
  • More connected with other people: Having a dog in the house can help us connect with other people. People acted more trustworthy, pleasant, and cooperative in the company of a dog, according to one research.

According to another study, people perceive persons who are out and about with a dog to be more friendly than those who are not.

  • Improved anger control: Keeping a dog requires tons of patience, love and care, thus it elevates anger for good. According to studies, those who keep dogs have lower levels of rage. 

Dogs make ideal companions because they are honest, trustworthy, and genuine, with no demands other than love.

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