Why Sri Lanka is shown on Indian Map?

Have you ever wondered why India’s map includes Sri Lanka? Pakistan, Bhutan, China, and other countries, on the other hand, are never shown on the map; have you ever wondered why?

India and Sri Lanka share a maritime border. Sri Lanka’s only neighbour is India, which is separated from the island by the Palk Strait in the Indian Ocean.

Here’s the reason:

The rules of the sea, known as Ocean Laws, are the reason Sri Lanka is depicted on the Indian map. The United Nations created the United Nations Convention on the Legislation of the Sea (UNCLOS-1) in 1958, which became law as a consequence of its attempts to secure global acceptance of maritime regulations.

What does the law state?

The baseline of any country, i.e. the point on the map of India that is 200 nautical miles (means 370 kilometers) from the baseline, is required to be shown. Simply said, if a nation is located on the seaside or has a portion of its territory that is connected to the sea, the region around the country’s border will be included in the map of that country.

Because it is within 200 nautical miles of India, Sri Lanka is depicted on the map of India. Thus, the map depicts all locations within 200 nautical miles of the Indian border.

Sri Lanka is referred to as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean and the Teardrop of India. A country having the greatest literacy rate in South Asia at 92%, as well as the world’s first-ever female prime minister. The distance between Dhanushkodi, India, and Colombo, Sri Lanka, is merely 18 miles. 

Fun Fact: The English word “serendipity” originated in Sri Lanka.

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